Large Print Sudoku

Puzzle Books Easy to See!
These deluxe Sudoku puzzles are a fun way to pass the time and a great way to boost your brain power! Each large-print book is packed with 100 number logic puzzles, in Easy, Medium, and Expert difficulty levels. So, sharpen your pencil and challenge your brain with Sudoku!

Case assortment: 4 titles x 12 pieces

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  • Bindings

    Perfect bound

  • Dimensions

    7.75 in. x 10.75 in. (20.2 cm x 27.3 cm)

  • Features

    Easy-to-see large-print, answer pages

  • Pages

    96 pages, 80 puzzles

  • Units


  • SRP

    CAD 4.95


ITM-001947 ∙ Large Print Sudoku-#03 Cyan-Triangles: 12 pieces

ITM-001953 ∙ Large Print Sudoku-#04 Clover-Cerulean: 12 pieces

ITM-001957 ∙ Large Print Sudoku-#05 Dandelion-Pacific: 12 pieces

ITM-001962 ∙ Large Print Sudoku-#06 Strawberry-Cerulean: 12 pieces