R&R Pocket Puzzles

Pocket-Sized Brain Teasers!

Get ready to sharpen your mind with these chic little R&R Pocket Puzzles: each book includes 100 fun and challenging word hunt, sudoku, or word game puzzles. Complete with a handy elastic, these books are the perfect way to relax and reflect at home or on the go.

Case assortment : 6 titles x 3 pieces

ITM-002595 ∙ R&R Pocket Puzzles-Word Games 1: 3 pieces

ITM-002601 ∙ R&R Pocket Puzzles-Word Hunt 3 : 3 pieces

ITM-002592 ∙ R&R Pocket Puzzles-Sudoku 2: 3 pieces

ITM-002599 ∙ R&R Pocket Puzzles-Word Hunt 2: 3 pieces

ITM-002590 ∙ R&R Pocket Puzzles-Sudoku 1: 3 pieces

ITM-002597 ∙ R&R Pocket Puzzles-Word Hunt 1: 3 pieces

Example covers only: assortment may vary. 

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  • Binding

    Perfect bound

  • Dimensions

    4 in. x 6 in.

  • Features

    Laminated cover with tactile design, elastic closure, 100 puzzles and answer pages

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  • SRP

    CAD 6.95


About this item

POCKET PUZZLE BOOK: Entertain yourself for hours with pocket puzzles and activities. Test your brain and take a break in style with one of our word games pocket puzzle books for adults.

PORTABLE COMPACT SIZE: We designed each book to be small and compact for travel and busy lifestyles. Take this little book of fun with you when traveling the world or to the office for a screen-free activity during breaks.

INSPIRING DESIGNS: With colorful patterns and styles, our pocket activity books for adults are designed to inspire. Each book features a laminated cover with a tactile design and elastic closure that keeps your pages in place.

RELAX AND REFLECT: Word Puzzle games promote relaxation and reduce stress through activity. Besides helping with relaxation, puzzles also improve concentration, memory, and thinking skills when played regularly.

100 WORD GAME PUZZLES: Our word games puzzle books come with 100 word puzzles. bundled our most popular pocket puzzles, sudoku and word hunt. Our sudoku bundle comes with 2 sudoku puzzle books with about 200 sudoku games while the word hunt bundle comes with 3 books with around 300 word search puzzles.