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PAPP International Poised to Become Puzzle Activity Book Powerhouse

avril 5, 2021

Montreal, Quebec, April 2, 2021 – PAPP International is excited to announce the acquisition of Les Éditions Récré-Jeux, a primarily...

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PAPP Promotes Literacy and Publishes Books for Children Around the Globe

août 21, 2020

Room to Read believes that changing the world starts with educating children, and PAPP International is honored to be a part...

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News from the North: Canadians Create Safe Spaces with Words

mai 5, 2020

Children’s book publishers across Canada are rallying to provide reading material to educate, entertain, and support children during the Covid-19...

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PAPP International Works Outside
the Margins

septembre 20, 2019

I love the book business. I love my book business in particular. Here’s why. I knew nothing about publishing when...

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