Pokémon Adventures with Ash

Even the biggest fan might not know everything about the Pokémon universe. Whether they are a beginner or a Pokémon Master, every kid will find something new to learn as they embark on an exciting adventure through the Pokémon regions with Ash Ketchum. Each Adventures with Ash Sticker Book also includes tons of dazzling holofoil stickers to help kids mark their progress through the book.

Case assortment : 4 titles x 6 pieces

ITM-005735 Adventures with Ash Pokémon Kanto Region : 6 pieces

ITM-005736 Adventures with Ash Pokémon Johto Region : 6 pieces

ITM-005737 Adventures with Ash Pokémon Hoenn Region : 6 pieces

ITM-005738 Adventures with Ash Pokémon Sinnoh Region : 6 pieces

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  • Bindings

    Saddle-stitched, foil on cover

  • Dimensions

    6.7 in. x 11 in. (17 cm x 28 cm)

  • Features

    Includes four holofoil sticker sheets

  • Pages

    22 pages (full-color)

  • Units


  • SRP

    CAD 7.95