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Sticker books help kids develop their patience, focus, and fine motor skills. Sticker books not only provide educational value but also make the perfect vacation buddy or Sunday afternoon companion. Children of all ages will spend hours imagining scenarios and stories after reading this book.

The puffy stickers help kids develop their fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, narrative thinking, and independent play, making them perfect for days when you need your kids to remain quiet and busy.

Adults occasionally purchase sticker books that they use for a variety of activities. You may get in touch with Papp International if you wish to buy sticker books at a discount.

Purchase the Following Sticker Books

  • Deco Kit Deluxe

Children may use the two sheets of jumbo-sized wall stickers that come with each Decor Kit to have hours of fun decorating their rooms with their preferred characters. These decals are reusable and may be removed without harming the walls. contains a second coloring book and six markers. Along with children, nowadays adults also work on managing the kit’s functionalities based on the sticker book. It includes the following:

  • ITM-001214 ∙ Decor Kit Deluxe – Paw Patrol: 4 pieces
  • ITM-001213 ∙ Deco Kit Deluxe-Justice League: 4 pieces
  • ITM-001215 ∙ Deco Kit Deluxe-Shimmer and Shine: 4 pieces
  • Fun Color with stickers

With Fun Colour, you can bring your favourite characters to life! Each book has 96 pages of colouring sheets as well as enjoyable activities like mazes, dot-to-dot puzzles, and matching games. Children and adults both are positively affected by the color sticker books. It includes the following:

  • ITM-002783 ∙ Fun Color – Paw Patrol
  • ITM-004346 ∙ Fun Color-Paw Patrol
  • ITM-004181 ∙ Fun Color Justice league
  • ITM-002778 ∙ Fun Color – Enchantimals
  • Funny Faces coloring sticker book

Each Funny Faces Sticker Book has 50 stickers of eyes, noses, and mouths as well as 24 colouring pages for youngsters to mix and match. Look at this:

  • ITM-002745 ∙ Funny Faces Coloring Sticker Book-Robots: 6 pieces
  • ITM-002743 ∙ Funny Faces Coloring Sticker Book-Pets: 6 pieces
  • ITM-002741 ∙ Funny Faces Coloring Sticker Book-Fairies: 6 pieces
  • ITM-002744 ∙ Funny Faces Coloring Sticker Book-Pirates: 6 pieces
  • Jumbo Color Licensed

There are 192 colouring pages will keep you entertained for hours! A sheet of stickers portraying children’s favorites like Barbie, Peppa, or the Paw Patrol is also included in these notebooks. It sounds, this jumbo color licensed books are for every people with  sticker books for adults. Look at this!

  • ITM-004963 ∙ JUMBO COLOR L.O.L. Surprise!
  • ITM-004966 ∙ Jumbo Color 192p – Barbie 21
  • ITM-004964 ∙ Jumbo Color 192p – Peppa Pi
  • ITM-004967 ∙ Jumbo Color 192p – Smurfs
  • ITM-004965 ∙ Jumbo Color 192p – Paw Patrol
  • Maxi coloring with stickers

Maxicolor can help you bring your favourite characters to life! Each book has 24 pages of graphics and exercises, such as mazes, dot-to-dot puzzles, and matching. The supplied stickers can also be used by children to embellish their artwork. Selecting the stickers:

  • ITM-004232 ∙ Maxicolor coloring & activities Zombie mutant: 4 pieces
  • ITM-004028 ∙ Maxicolor coloring & activities Paw patrol calling all pups: 4 pieces
  • ITM-004027 ∙ Maxicolor coloring & activities Ninja turtle barricade: 2 pieces
  • ITM-004230 ∙ Maxicolor coloring & activities Tickety toc: 2 pieces
  • ITM-001385 ∙ Maxi Color – SpongeBob: Mixed Nuts! – SP: 2 pieces
  • ITM-004227 ∙ Maxicolor coloring & activities Batman: 2 pieces
  • ITM-001375 ∙ Maxi Color – PAW Patrol is on the roll! : 2 pieces
  • ITM-004026 ∙ Maxicolor coloring & activities Hotwheel Monster truck: 4 pieces
  • Mini My Dress Up Sticker Book

With the help of these enjoyable sticker and activity books, kids can dress up their favourite characters. To finish the drawings based on the clues, they only locate the appropriate stickers on the sticker pages and set them there. Hats, clothing, and other amusing accessories are available as stickers. Purchase the stickers:

  • ITM-003642 ∙ Mini My Dress Up Sticker Book-My Dress Up Pups – PAW-227: 12 pieces
  • ITM-003643 ∙ Mini My Dress Up Sticker Book-Skye – PAW-228: 12 piece
  • ITM-003630 ∙ Mini My Dress Up Sticker Book-SpongeBob – SB-064: 12 piece
  • ITM-003631 ∙ Mini My Dress Up Sticker Book-Nella – NPK-038: 12 pieces
  • Sticker by Number

Each Sticker by Number book comes with everything you need to make 12 brilliant, full-color works of art, one sticker at a time. It’s an engaging and fulfilling pastime for youngsters. Simply choose a page, locate your stickers, and then watch as your creation comes to life. Buy the sticker books for adults with numbers. Look at this!

  • ITM-004421 ∙ Sticker by Number : Little People 031
  • ITM-004419 ∙ Sticker by Number: Barbie 203
  • ITM-004420 ∙ Sticker by Number : Hot Wheels 049
  • ITM-004422 ∙ Sticker by Number : Polly Pocket 018