Welcome, we are "Papp" and all there is of his legacy.

    The Papp International Corporation was formed in 1975.

    From 1975 until 1991 it supported Joseph Papp, his research and patents.
   THIS IS the Company that DOES, and has since they were originally filed, OWN the PAPP patents. If you look at the patents you will find our name, no one else's, on these patents.

   This Company was the source of ALL monies from 1975 till Joe Papp died. We provided all the money he spent on research, parts, equipment and all who helped him.

    So, unlike some others claim, we do own everything that was produced or assembled by Joe or his workers.
    Note: Robert Rohner, and Tom also, were employees of Papp International so anything they did with, or without, "Joe" still belongs to us. Just because you worked with someone does not give you ownership of any technologies or products

    John Rohner and Tom Rohner did copyright the eletronic control system that was used to make the engine run and was on the certified engine. Unfortunatly all who followed the 1984 testing removed it and it was never again used. Thus the engine never again ran. ALL VIDEOS of ANY RUNNING engine used the Control system designed by John Rohner, built by Tom Rohner and programmed by Tom Miller. FYI.... ALL except John Rohner are now dead.



The FAILED attempts to "grab" and "control" the Motor.

    Here are some interesting developments by "one" party to try and grab control and monopolize the
Engine and do so in a way so as to leave OUR Investment with nothing and them with EVERYTHING.

    We Start with some supporting Documents between Robert Rohner and us. These are available to view, or download, by clicking the underlined label.

    FIRST --  the "ORIGINAL AGREEMENT" between Rohner and Papp

    This is the May 1981 agreement signed by Joe FOR Papp International.  Notice that John Rohner (now PlasmERG) is mentioned as one of those with knowledge and allowed to have such knowledge, which he used to re discover the process that made it work in 2008, and that John is NOT a party to "Rohner", or "Rohner Machine". With this contract "Rohner" gets "compensated" for their work, hardware and are allowed "Freedom to Experiment" now and future by their allowance to use Papp International secrets, but NOT own it.

  Second is the "LICENSE AGREEMENT" between Rohner and Papp.

    This agreement of July 8, 1982 with Rohner Engine Inc. signed by Joe FOR Papp International, who had put up all the money and owned all the patents and was preparing to manufacture also, was "non-exclusive and non transferable". This License speaks for itself. This contract specifies that a payment will be made to use the Papp International Intellectual Property. None was ever made. Also that the engine will be named the "Papp Engine", not Rohner Engine. And that all property, Intellectual or Hardware is the property of Papp International without further expense. It also stipulates what happens if Rohner does not manufacture. Rohner Engine failed and was abandoned in 1983. So "Rohner" had no rights to use of IP, Hardware or any other properties of Papp International.
    It should also be noted that it says it was signed in Florida, Yet these witnesses were never there. hmmm..


    But Bob and Tom Rohner Failed to Form a corp and produce per their July 8, 1982 agreement, after nearly 5 years not even a Company was formed by them so they lost their "rights" to the engine. SO here is what REALLY happened next.

    Most of you do not know this, but, on January 5, 1989 after decided that Rohner Motor (a Robert Rohner company) that never existed, or formed, but had a agreement, (see above agreement for details), Nor looked as if it was ever going to get formed and going.

    Papp International then decided to dump Rohner and change who they licensed to. So they could make some money.

SO, Jimmy Sabori and Joe Papp (Papp International) put together a agreement for Jimmy Sabori to join with Papp International and create a new company a new company called P & S Energy (Papp and Sabori Energy)) in which Papp International held a 51% share.

    Here is a copy of that agreement Papp and Sabori agreement

    So, while the Rohner Boys, and Heintz Klosterman, were starting CEI (Clean Energy Inc.) by funneling Papp International data and hardware to them and collecting monies from investors for CEI, the company, that Robert worked for (according to Bob's own Resume until 2004), had a agreement, and license, in place to support Sabori, NOT ROHNER.

    It is also interesting that there is no mention in the Papp International Bankruptcy of Aug 18, 1991 per this Bankruptcy Dismissal Document that any "Rohner", or company other than as previously agreed, had ANY rights to the Papp IP. Fact is the court left it with Papp International even the stockholders may not have access to it without a specific court order.

    Also it is CLEAR that Sabori DID run several engines and perform a good deal of relevant and useful experimentation AFTER PAPP's Death. So, Sorry Bob and Tom but there WERE engines that ran after the 1983 engine and that you, NOR TOM, had ANYTHING to do with.

    I hope this makes things clearer as to who had what and did what, as it seems to me a lot of misinformation has been spread. Can we all say BS (Bob Speak)?


    In 2003 the last of the Papp patents died, we had not been informed about "extending" them as many others wished these to go stale for their own reasons. So the Process, Technology and the motor was awaiting someone to "re discover" it and finally get it re patented and available to the world.

=============== R E D I S C O V E R Y =================================

    In 2008, John Rohner, who was originally contacted to create a controller for this engine, by us, in 1981 and who was used to solving his clients problems, Reviewed his data and again looked closely at the engine and re understood how it worked.
    Mr Rohner had not been involved in any way with us or Joseph Papp, directly, except for the one Schematic of the Electronic Control since that time as he was busy doing new products for others.
    He took less than 3 months to rediscover the process and with someĀ  of his friends in fusion, plasma and fission research verified it.

   John, and his esteemed partner, Dr. Haik Biglari, PE, then protected it in November of 2008 with a Provisional Patent, and several others over later months.
   This patent is was filed AND PUBLISHED, awaiting a permanent Number, and since they discovered much more that Joe had they renamed it to the Plasmic Transition Process(tm) as it is known world wide now. Their remaining provisional's will be filled as the years progress

    Inteligentry (PlasmERG's successor) was the ONLY place you could find this process. HOWEVER, since the greedy person, Girouard, did not get control solely for himself he enlisted the US Government to "crush" the technology. Therefore there can be no development of the technology in the USA, anymore. The contact page will show that The information needed is available still to people that wish to develop and create product at RAM Engineering, MX.

    This is really very good for us ALL since Inteligentry wanted to share the process and technology with other manufacturers via a licensing agreement that allows them to know all about how and why it works and not limit their usage and exposure to help fix the planet that we have so badly treated. RAM Engineering MX is continuing this "open" form of development for the betterment of our planet. Rohner is very much different than the greedy Papp, and the many others since, as well, in this respect.

    Within this page we will present some real history and copies of important documents that may help your understanding. See Docs for these documents and about for history as we saw it.

    It is hoped this will shed further light on why things happened the way they did and the characters, TROLLS and "Raiders" who have cheated others and made their money from this.