About PAPP International

PAPP International is a dynamic publishing company focused on creating fun and innovative books for both children and adults. We are a versatile and vertically integrated company that includes printing, shipping, and logistics capabilities designed to serve our retail and publishing partners around the world.

Founded in 2004 as Beaver Books, we now have more than 18 years’ experience as an independent publisher. Today we are home to four additional imprints: PAPP Publishing, Imagine Publications, Tyler Brooke, and Récré-Jeux. Together we publish over 500 original new titles annually.

Beaver Books began in 2004 with the introduction of five educational workbooks that sold over 1 million copies combined within the first 24 months. These books were created by a teacher, Demetra Georgopoulos, who worked alongside our talented illustrator, Mike Polito, and team of designers to create the best possible supplementary educational workbooks for preschoolers. In addition to being educational, they had to be “fun to learn and do!” Today, our Beaver Books imprint continues to focus on creating fresh new educational content for the never-ending legion of children, parents, and educators who love to use our books.

Home of Caillou! A faithful companion for little ones as they discover the world, their emotions, and life.

Crackboom! Bold, fun and colorful books for children aged 0 to 12

Imagine Publications works with the world’s top brands in children’s entertainment to bring their characters to life in fun and exciting ways. The team focuses on producing a variety of unique activity books and gifts for children and families to enjoy at home and on the road. Many of Imagine’s products incorporate educational elements derived from our Beaver Books catalog to add an educational twist to activity and play time.

The PAPP Publishing Imprint began in 2011 when we created our first four Word Hunt™ books. Originally, these books were marketed under the name PAPP Puzzles™. In 2013, we introduced our very own 365-page boxed calendars. In 2015, we further expanded our publishing efforts and introduced our first four coloring books for adults—which were a smash sensation—under the imprint PAPP Leisure. In 2019, we merged these two imprints to form the PAPP Publishing brand, which covers the broader range of our publishing activities.

Récré-Jeux focuses on French-language puzzle books and specialty magazines with international appeal. The puzzle books range from classic word searches, Sudokus, and crosswords—to more challenging and cryptic puzzle varieties popular in Europe.