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Papp Team

George Papp, CEO

Our mission is to Keep Growing, both personally and professionally through our journey together at PAPP International and beyond. Our team is comprised of talented people who are excited about the journey and the innovative, creative projects they work on. Every day, I am inspired by their work, which I am confident creates millions of smiles every year around the globe.


We value creativity, commitment, teamwork – and fun! Our creativity is what makes our books stand out. And since we spend so much time working together, it absolutely must be fun. Lots of laughter makes for a happy and productive team. So do lots of llamas, unicorns and rainbows – and we certainly see our share!

Our team of professionals takes pride in offering our customers the best in-class service to meet each of their unique requirements. Without our customers, we would not be able to do what we love each day – and we all know it.

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