Tyler Brooke

Now You See It! Now You Don’t!

Wonder Wheels

Sensory board books to promote early cognitive development!

These books feature high-contrast colors and basic shapes to stimulate young children’s visual development – from black and white (for babies under 3 months) to primary colors for older babies.

This is the first board book series of this type to include high-contrast elements that move, designed to encourage visual tracking: each spread features a turn wheel that makes objects magically disappear and re-appear!

Created with child cognition expert Jenny Charlton, from the University of Nottingham.


  • Dimensions

    7.5 in. x 7.5 in. (19 cm x 19 cm)

  • Pages

    5 spreads

  • Binding

    Board book binding

  • Features

    Rounded corners and 3 back-to-back spin wheels printed on both sides

  • Age range

    0+ years