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Paint with Water!

Introduce young children to watercolor painting with Palette Pages™ Painting Books. Each painting page comes complete with its own palette of watercolors, ready to use! Just dip your brush in water and apply. Books feature 16 or 20 pages of black and white line art for painting and early-learning themes. Each book includes a sturdy fold-under painting page protector sheet, as well as a few handy painting tips for young artists.


  • Options

    Option 1: 16 pages (black & white)
    Option 2: 20 pages (black & white)

  • Dimensions

    8.5 in. x 11 in. (21.6 cm x 28 cm)

  • Binding

    Perfect bound (top edge)

  • Features

    Paint palette on every page, perforated pages for easy removal, board backing also available

  • Age range